Days Gone 2 Release Date: Do You Think a Sequel Will Happen?

Days Gone 2 Release Date,Buzz On Net

Days Gone 2 Release Date: Action-adventure title Days Gone was developed by Bend Studio for the PlayStation 4 and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2019. But in this essay, we’ll focus on its second sequel.

When Will Days Gone 2 Release Date Coming?

Gamers were disappointed to learn that Sony had recently rejected Days Gone 2 in 2019. Some believe it was due to an excessively high budget that didn’t appear feasible, while others believe it was because to its poor reception and low sales.

And much to our surprise, a brand-new rumour regarding the sequel to the game on the PS5 has surfaced online. The statement “Days Gone 2 is currently in development” was tweeted.

There is no truth to this tweet. In the video game industry, there are many rumours that have been disproven. Days Gone’s “Jeff Ross” tweeted his displeasure after watching the most recent PlayStation Showcase. He pondered the follow-up to “The Days Gone” as a result.

When asked why the sequel couldn’t still happen, Ross said that too much time had passed, a large number of the team’s members had left the studio, and Sony was not interested in developing it.

It appears that Days Gone won’t be releasing any additional games going forward. Days Gone was by no means a poor game. It was an engaging storyline set in a realistic zombie-filled environment. days gone 2 ps5 weak sales were brought on by the fact that it was overshadowed by other films that year.

Days Gone 2 Release Date,Buzz On Net
Days Gone 2 Release Date,Buzz On Net

Days Gone 2 is almost on par with “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor” in terms of fantastic games in the genre that have a tonne of potential. Sony had so abandoned the notion of a prequel. This means that the chance of it happening right now is either incredibly small or nonexistent.

Therefore, based on the director of Days Gone, Jeff Ross‘s posts, we may conclude that there is no chance that Days Gone will return with a second sequel.

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