Interesting Facts About Lukla Airport

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Lukla Airport, also known as Tenzing-Hillary Airport, is a small airport in the town of Lukla in the Khumbu region of eastern Nepal. It is famous for being the gateway to the Everest region and is the starting point for many trekkers and climbers heading to Mount Everest. Here are some interesting facts about Lukla Airport:

Facts About Lukla Airport

World’s Most Dangerous Airport:

Lukla Airport, also known as Tenzing-Hillary Airport, is frequently cited as the most dangerous airport in the world due to its challenging approach and short runway.

High Altitude Location:

Sitting at 2,845 meters (9,334 feet) above sea level, it is one of the highest-altitude airports that commercial flights regularly use.

Gateway to Mount Everest:

Lukla is the starting point for many Mount Everest treks, making the airport incredibly popular among adventurers and mountaineers.

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Tiny Runway:

The airport’s runway is just 527 meters (1,729 feet) long, significantly shorter than standard runways, requiring pilots to have special training to land there.

Dramatic Topography:

The runway is situated on a cliff and has a mountain on one end and a sheer drop on the other, which leads to the rugged Dudh Kosi river valley below.

No Go-Around Procedure:

Due to the geography, there is no possibility of a go-around on short final, which is unusual for an airport.

Named After Pioneers:

It’s named after Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, the first confirmed climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Variable Weather Conditions:

Weather conditions can change rapidly, and visibility can quickly decrease, causing frequent flight cancellations and delays.

Unpaved Surface History:

The runway was not paved until 2001; before that, it was a grass strip.

Solar Power:

To deal with constant power outages, the airport relies on solar power to run its daily operations.


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