Taste of Tradition: Uncovering the Top 10 Kerala Food For Food Lovers

Top 10 Kerala Food, Buzz on net

Kerala Food : Kerala, located in the southern part of India, is renowned for its rich and diverse cuisine. Here are ten must-try Kerala dishes:

Top 10 Kerala Food

Appam with Stew:

Appam is a type of pancake made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk. It is usually served with a fragrant and creamy stew made with vegetables, meat, or seafood, flavored with spices and coconut milk.

Puttu and Kadala Curry:

Puttu is a cylindrical steamed rice cake made from ground rice and coconut, often served with kadala curry, a spicy black chickpea curry cooked with onions, tomatoes, and spices.

Kerala Parotta with Chicken Curry:

Kerala Parotta, also known as Malabar Parotta, is a flaky, layered flatbread made from flour, egg, and oil. It pairs wonderfully with spicy and aromatic chicken curry, cooked with coconut milk and traditional spices.

Fish Moilee:

Fish Moilee is a traditional Kerala fish curry made with coconut milk, curry leaves, green chilies, and spices. It has a mild and creamy flavor and is usually served with steamed rice or appam.

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Avial is a mixed vegetable curry cooked with coconut, yogurt, and seasoned with curry leaves and coconut oil. It’s a popular dish in Kerala and is often served as part of the traditional Onam Sadhya (feast).

Kerala Beef Fry:

Kerala Beef Fry is a flavorful and spicy dish made with tender pieces of beef marinated in a blend of spices and then fried until crispy. It’s a popular side dish and often served with rice or parotta.

Kerala Style Prawn Curry:

Kerala-style prawn curry is a delicious seafood dish made with fresh prawns cooked in a coconut-based curry sauce flavored with spices like turmeric, red chili, and coriander. It’s best enjoyed with steamed rice.

Puttu and Pazham:

Puttu, steamed rice cakes, paired with ripe bananas (pazham), is a classic Kerala breakfast. The combination of the soft and fluffy puttu with the sweet and creamy banana is simple yet incredibly satisfying.

Karimeen Pollichathu:

Karimeen Pollichathu is a traditional Kerala dish made with pearl spot fish (karimeen), marinated in a spicy masala paste, wrapped in banana leaves, and grilled or pan-fried until tender and flavorful.

Elai Ada:

Elai Ada is a sweet delicacy made with rice flour, coconut, jaggery, and cardamom, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed until cooked. It’s a popular snack or dessert enjoyed during festivals and special occasions.


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