Explore Top 10 Tourist Spots in Bessemer 2024

Explore Top 10 Tourist Spots in Bessemer 2024, Buzz On Net

Tourist Spots in Bessemer : Bessemer, Alabama, is a city with a storied past and a variety of attractions that cater to different interests. Whether you’re looking to dive into the city’s rich history or experience fun family-friendly activities, Bessemer has plenty to offer. Below we explore the top 10 tourist spots that you shouldn’t miss when visiting this charming city.

10 Tourist Spots in Bessemer

1. Alabama Splash Adventure

Come enjoy a day of fun at Alabama Splash Adventure! With thrilling water slides, a lazy river, and numerous pools, it’s the perfect spot for family entertainment.

2. The Bessemer Hall of History Museum

Step back in time at the Bessemer Hall of History Museum, which showcases an impressive collection of artifacts and exhibits detailing the city’s vibrant history.

3. Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park

Explore the Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park to witness the preserved ironworks of the old Tannehill Furnaces and enjoy hiking, camping, and fishing.

4. The Bright Star Restaurant

Indulge in a meal at The Bright Star, Alabama’s oldest restaurant, famed for its Greek-style seafood and steak dishes. A culinary landmark since 1907.

5. DeBardeleben Park

Relax and unwind at DeBardeleben Park, a beautiful public green space offering playgrounds, walking paths, and serene spots for picnicking.

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6. Bessemer Farmers Market

Connect with local culture at the Bessemer Farmers Market, where you can find fresh, locally-grown produce and hand-crafted goods.

7. Frank House Municipal Golf Course

Tee off at the Frank House Municipal Golf Course, an 18-hole golf course known for its challenging layout and excellent greens.

8. WaterMark Place Outlet Center

Shopaholics rejoice at the WaterMark Place Outlet Center, offering discounted designer brands and a variety of shopping options for everyone.

9. Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events

Get your adrenaline pumping at Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events, where you can experience high-speed electric go-kart races.

10. Red Mountain Theatre Company

End your evening with a performance at the Red Mountain Theatre Company, showcasing both local talent and Broadway-style productions.

Whether it’s the thrill of the race or a quiet stroll in a park, Bessemer has attractions that cater to all tastes. These top 10 spots offer a glimpse into the city’s diverse offerings, from historical sites to modern-day entertainment. When planning your trip to Bessemer, consider adding these destinations to your itinerary for a memorable Alabama adventure.


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