Don’t Ask Cher What She Thinks About ‘Believe’ Turning 25

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Cher’s 1998 album Believe turned 25 years old this year, and while it’s a milestone for her fans, Cher herself isn’t too keen on celebrating it.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Cher was asked about the album’s anniversary and how it has held up over the years. She replied, “It’s not that amazing, okay?” and then laughed.

Cher went on to say that she doesn’t really like to listen to her old music, and that Believe is no exception. She said, “I hate it. I never liked it. I didn’t like the song, I didn’t like the album, I didn’t like anything about it.”

Believe’s Legacy

cher, buzz on net

Despite Cher’s feelings about the album, Believe was a massive commercial success. It was the best-selling album of 1999 in the United States, and it sold over 20 million copies worldwide. It also spawned the hit single “Believe,” which won Cher a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording.

The album was a critical success as well. Rolling Stone called it “Cher’s best album in years,” and Entertainment Weekly said that it was “a triumphant return to form.”

Why Cher Dislikes Believe

So, why does Cher dislike Believe so much? There are a few possible reasons.

One reason is that the album was so successful. It made her a global superstar, and she was suddenly thrust into the spotlight. This may have been overwhelming for her, and she may have felt like she lost control of her own life.

Another reason is that the album was so different from her previous work. Cher had always been a pop singer, but Believe was a dance album. This may have been a difficult transition for her, and she may not have felt comfortable with the new sound.

Finally, it’s possible that Cher just doesn’t like the album’s music. She may not think the songs are good, or she may not think they represent her true artistry.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Cher has a complicated relationship with Believe. Despite its commercial and critical success, she doesn’t like the album or the song.


Believe may not be Cher’s favorite album, but it’s undoubtedly one of her most important. It was a commercial and critical success, and it helped to cement her status as a pop icon.

So, while Cher may not be celebrating the album’s 25th anniversary, her fans certainly are. Believe is a reminder of Cher’s incredible talent and her enduring legacy.


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