How To Earn Money With Python in 2023 (Secret Method)

Earn Money With Python, Buzzonnet

Earn Money With Python : As you read this title of earn money with Python, you’ve seen that everyone tells you the same things like freelancing, blogging, creating websites, getting a full-time job, becoming a Python teacher, participating in coding competitions, etc. With competition, many people already do the same things you’re planning to do, so what now?

The solution to this problem of competition is hard and smart work, which means you need to learn those skills that are hard to learn but pay more than those old and competitive skills. Here are some Python skills in 2023 that are actually effective and can actually help you earn money with Python.

Earn Money With Python in 2023

Earn Money With Python, Buzzonnet

1. Develop machine learning models

Machine learning is one of the hottest topics right now.It is likely that you have already heard of OpenAI and ChatGPT, which both use artificial intelligence and machine learning as their cores. The best programming language for machine learning is Python.

2. Develop web applications

In 2023, freelancing remains a relevant field for earning money with Python, even though it is old. When I visit freelancing sites, I always find a lot of freelancing work related to Python and other IT-related tasks. I hire freelancers for different tasks sometimes too, so this is another good way to earn money.

3. To develop automation scripts

Python is an excellent language for creating automation scripts, which is why many companies are looking for ways to automate their business processesIt would be possible for you to offer your services as an automation consultant or develop your own automation tools and sell them online.Use Python to find problems and create automation tools to solve them.

4. Create data analysis tools

It is possible to develop your own data analysis tools and sell them online if you have experience with data analysis Pandas and NumPy are two powerful Python libraries that make it easy to analyze and manipulate data.

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5.The development of chatbots

Several Python libraries, including NLTK and SpaCy, make it easy to build chatbots for customer service and other business applications. If you are a chatbot developer, or if you develop your own chatbot, you could sell it to businesses.

6. Provide Python training

Python is becoming increasingly popular in both India and abroad, with many schools now opting to add it to the curriculum. My friend from the IIT mentioned that everyone was switching due to the ease of learning and programming as compared to other languages like Java, C++ and JavaScript. It seems that Python has yet to reach its pinnacle as plenty of people keep joining its bandwagon. Consequently, this rise in demand for Python makes it a great opportunity for those looking into providing live training or classes.

You can register a new company or start as an individual Python mentor. You can use Google ads to reach new customers.

7. Games development

Python isn’t recommended for developing games, however if you are passionate about how games are made, you can use Python. Python offers 2 great libraries i.e. Pygame and Arcade. Both are very fast and make it very easy to develop games using these libraries. It is possible to develop games in Python and sell them on marketplaces such as Microsoft Store, Apple Store, etc.

8. Plugins and extensions should be created

In many popular software applications, users are able to create their own extensions and plugins, such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Click here to learn more about Amit Agarwal, a one-man team that builds niche Google plugins. Python could be used in 2023 to make money by developing Python extensions and plugins for these applications.

9. App development for mobile devices

There is very little competition with Python, so if you want to develop android games, you can try. Python offers Kivy and BeeWare, two libraries that allow you to develop Android apps. Its ease of use and readability make it a great choice for mobile development, which reduces development time while offering high comfort.

10. Provide consulting services

You can make money with Python in 2023 by offering your skills as a consultant to companies and organizations if you have a lot of experience with Python and programming. In your role as a Python consultant, you can help businesses and organizations with their programming needs in a variety of ways.

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