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Noah Kahan, the talented US singer-songwriter, has joined forces with British artist Sam Fender to release a collaborative version of Kahan’s hit song ‘Homesick’. The track, which originally appeared on Kahan’s 2022 album ‘Stick Season’, explores the complex relationship Kahan has with his Vermont hometown. The collaboration with Fender adds a fresh perspective to the song, as Fender often draws inspiration from his own experiences growing up in the working-class town of North Shields in England’s northeast.

A Meeting of Minds

Noah Kahan, Buzzonnet

The collaboration between Kahan and Fender was a result of their mutual admiration for each other’s music. Kahan was immediately captivated by Fender’s song ‘Dead Boys’, which delves into the issue of young male suicides in the UK. The emotions and themes explored in Fender’s music resonated deeply with Kahan, despite their different backgrounds. Kahan felt a connection to the nostalgia, pride, bitterness, confusion, and anger that Fender conveyed in his lyrics, as it mirrored his own feelings about his childhood and hometown.

Inspiring Creativity

The impact of Fender’s music on Kahan was profound. When Kahan began working on his album ‘Stick Season’, he found inspiration in Fender’s ability to authentically capture the essence of his hometown. Fender’s song ‘Seventeen Going Under’ served as a catalyst for Kahan to delve into his own experiences and write about his complicated relationship with his Vermont roots. The result was the creation of ‘Homesick’, a song that pays homage to both artists’ hometowns and the universal yearning for escape and belonging.

A Journey to Newcastle

To further strengthen their collaboration, Kahan traveled to Fender’s hometown of Newcastle. The two spent time together, exploring the city and sharing stories about their pasts. Kahan initially felt like an outsider in Newcastle but gradually gained a deeper understanding of Fender’s songs and the significance they held for both Fender and the local community. The experience allowed Kahan to fully appreciate Fender’s talent and the authenticity he brought to the collaboration.

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The Transatlantic Connection

The transatlantic nature of ‘Homesick’ adds another layer of depth to the song. It serves as a call-and-response between two young individuals who yearn to escape their respective hometowns. The theme of running away from one’s roots has been explored by countless artists over the years, but Kahan and Fender bring a fresh perspective to the table. Their shared experiences and conversations during Kahan’s visit to Newcastle highlighted the universal nature of feeling homesick and longing for something more.

Recording in North Shields

Fender recorded his verse for ‘Homesick’ in North Shields, a town that holds significant historical and personal meaning for him. The lyrics of the song reference the “static cranes” that overlook the area where riots took place in the early 90s. Fender’s pride in his hometown shines through in his contribution to the track. He recognizes the resilience and humor of the Geordie people, who have faced hard times with unwavering strength. Fender’s genuine affection for his roots adds an authentic touch to the collaboration.

A Global Connection

The collaboration between Noah Kahan and Sam Fender represents a powerful connection between artists from different corners of the world. Their shared experiences of longing and nostalgia transcend geographic boundaries, resonating with listeners who have experienced similar emotions. Both Kahan and Fender have gained significant recognition for their respective bodies of work, and their collaboration on ‘Homesick’ showcases their talent as well as their ability to create a meaningful connection through music.

Grammy Recognition and Future Endeavors

Noah Kahan’s nomination for the Best New Artist award at the upcoming Grammys is a testament to his growing prominence in the music industry. The recognition he has received, combined with the success of his album ‘Stick Season’ and his collaborations with notable artists, has solidified his position as an emerging talent to watch. Meanwhile, Sam Fender continues to make waves with his critically acclaimed album ‘Seventeen Going Under’, which has garnered him a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim.


The collaboration between Noah Kahan and Sam Fender on ‘Homesick’ showcases the power of music to bridge geographical and cultural gaps. Their shared experiences and emotions have resulted in a poignant song that resonates with listeners around the world. Both artists bring their unique perspectives and talents to the table, creating a harmonious blend of voices and storytelling. As Kahan and Fender continue to make their mark in the music industry, fans eagerly anticipate their future endeavors and the impact they will undoubtedly have on the industry.


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