Delicious Discoveries: Exploring the Top 10 Luxembourg Cuisines

Top 10 Luxembourg Cuisines, Buzzonnet

Luxembourgish cuisine is a delightful mix of French and German influences, with some unique dishes of its own. Here are 10 must-try Luxembourg dishes:

Top 10 Luxembourg Cuisines

1. Friture de la Moselle: This dish features small freshwater fish, caught in the Moselle River, that are battered and fried until crispy. It’s typically served with a light sauce, like mayonnaise or tartar sauce.

2. Gromperekichelcher: These are essentially Luxembourgish potato pancakes, made with grated potatoes, onions, and eggs. They’re deep-fried until golden brown and can be served as a snack or a side dish.

3. Huesenziwwi (Civet de Lièvre): This is a hearty stew made with hare, marinated in wine and spices, and then slowly cooked with vegetables. It’s a traditional dish that’s especially popular during the hunting season.

4. Judd mat Gaardebounen: This is a national dish of Luxembourg and consists of smoked pork collar, often called “Judd,” stewed with broad beans (fava beans) and onions. It’s usually served with creamy mustard sauce and boiled potatoes.

5. Kuddelfleck and Other Offal Dishes: Adventurous eaters will love Kuddelfleck, a spicy soup or stew made with tripe (cow’s stomach). Other offal dishes you might encounter include “Gefillde Maacher” (stuffed sheep’s stomach) and “Potekluerer” (blood sausage with mashed potatoes).

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6. Paschtéit or Bouchée à la Reine: This is a savory pastry filled with a rich mixture of meat, poultry, and mushrooms in a creamy sauce. It’s a classic Luxembourgish dish that’s perfect for a special occasion.

7. Rieslingspaschtéit (Pâté au Riesling): This savory pie is filled with ground meat, poultry, and vegetables, all bound together with a delicious Riesling wine sauce. It’s a hearty dish that’s perfect for a winter meal.

8. Quetschentaart: Luxembourg is famous for its plums, so it’s no surprise that they have a delicious plum tart. Quetschentaart is made with a flaky pastry crust filled with sweet plums and topped with a lattice crust.

9. Bouneschlupp: This is a simple but satisfying green bean soup made with green beans, potatoes, bacon, and onions. It’s a great way to warm up on a cold day.

10. F’rell Am Rèisleck (Trout in Riesling): This dish features fresh trout from the Moselle River, pan-fried and then simmered in a creamy Riesling wine sauce. It’s a delicious and elegant dish that showcases the best of Luxembourg’s cuisine.


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